Specifications of Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Base Fry Pan and Deep Kadhai Combo Cookware Offer

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Important Features

  • Set of 2 cookware
  • Even heating
  • 3 layers of non-stick coating
  • Requires less oil or butter
  • Bakelite handle stays cool even during cooking
  • Easy to clean

Non-Stick Aluminium Base Fry Pan And Deep Kadhai Combo by Nirlon

Adopt healthier lifestyles with healthy food!

NIRLON brings to you this combo set of 2 cookware with a sturdy hard aluminium base which allows faster and even heating. This saves gas and reduces the total time of cooking. Because of the non-sticky surface, the set requires minimal oil to cook and doesn't allow food to stick. Thus cleaning is easy with some detergent which takes away all stains and leaves it sparkling clean. The set can cover a range of delicacies you plan on cooking, offering you a scope of letting your inner chef out.




3 layers of non-stick coating

The set has 3 layers of reinforced nonstick coating on the aluminium base which requires minimal oil or butter to cook. Have nutritious food everyday with NIRLON.

Uniform heat retention

The NIRLON set of cookware can withstand the rigours of daily use. They conduct heat quickly and heat up evenly to facilitate a faster cooking process. Because of the even heating, there is a significant reduction of hot spots which may otherwise burn your food.

Gas stove top compatible

If you're new to cooking, staying away from family and know nothing about how to prepare a meal, this NIRLON cookware set has you covered. Preferred for its heavy gauge and well balanced pan, this gas stove compatible utensils make cooking easier for you.




Bakelite handle

Each cookware of this set has an easy ergonomic grip design while cooking. The Bakelite handle stays cool even while cooking thus offering you a hassle free cooking experience.

Easy to clean

Owing to its non-stick coating, the cookware set can be maintained easily as the food residues do not stick to the cookware because of its easy release technology.

Pack of 2

The set contains a 950 ml fry pan and a 2.6 litre deep kadhai which comes with a lid facilitating faster cooking. Cook various South Indian delicacies or delicious meat curries regularly to keep your family happy and healthy.

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